Example abstract dissertation: how to write it

We have seen how to write an abstract: now we look at an example of abstracts of thesis and the more specific rules to follow.


  • Degree course in [insert name of degree course]
  • Degree thesis in [insert discipline name]
  • Abstract
  • Target
  • Method
  • Conclusions
  • Keyword

NB: the keywords are the terms or expressions that designate the concepts covered in a document and therefore help to describe the document and identify its conceptual content. Often they are words present in the title or in another part of the document.

They are almost essential if you want to keep the document in a computerized archive, as they allow querying the archive and retrieving the document. Their major limitation seems to be that of the great subjectivity that characterizes the choice of descriptors.

The optimal number of keywords to be used to describe a document varies according to the document and the intended use of the terms.

Here, it is advisable not to enter more than a dozen descriptors.


Page margins: from the top 3 cm; from the bottom 2.5 cm; left margin 2.5 cm; right margin 2.5 cm.

Body of the text, to be inserted next to the header lines, and not on a new page, after two single lines, containing the actual abstract.

Paragraph format:

  • justified alignment
  • TNR, 12 pt
  • Single line spacing
  • Return the first line of the paragraph to 1.25 cm
  • Max length of the abstract 3 pp. following this format
  • Enter date and signature at the end of the abstract

After inserting a page break, report the bibliography of the cited works (including sites and images), keeping the page numbering and page margin setting.

Check again the post dedicated to the abstract of the thesis, it will be useful!