Degree thesis title: how to write it and create it

How to find an effective title for your degree thesis? We help you.

First, you need to understand an important fact: there is no perfect title.

You must be brief and try to insert a definition of your work in a few words. It’s not easy, we know. But it’s important.

The titles contain the main information, must be interesting at first sight and rich in information.

In the thesis the title is often composed of a main part and a secondary sentence that specifies, clarifies, better orientates itself with respect to the theme proposed by the main title. If you choose this option, stylistically differentiate the titles so that you can see that the second is an elucidation of the first. For example, put the main title in uppercase and the subtitle in lowercase.


Carry on. Once you’ve identified the theme, start thinking about it. Ask your friends and followers for advice. Sometimes a different look makes us more creative. Consider that the only “rule” on the title is this: it is only a title, not a 3 line poem. On the title page, pay particular attention to how you distribute it on the page.

For example:

  • do not wrap up just with a word
  • if it consists of two sentences, head to the second
  • do not leave isolated words
  • don’t put too much punctuation
  • the point at the end of the title should not be put (think of the headlines). However, you can use question mark and exclamation point (obviously if relevant to your specific case)
  • avoid breaking words at the end of the line and wrap only with half a word
  • on the title you can use: increase the font size. We recommend 18pt minimum, whatever the font you’ve chosen.


It may be that one exhausted night you fall asleep on your desk and the light turns on in the morning.

Most of the time, however, you risk having to accept trivial and rather empty titles because time runs and the secretary presses.

Try to think about the theme of your work: can you define it with a simple title? Take a cue from a particularly meaningful reading, or from a passage from a relevant book.

Get inspired by your supervisor and other theses written previously. Everything around you can become a source of inspiration.

In closing, an important precaution: the title that you deposit in the secretariat is the definitive one, that is the one that then must actually appear on your degree thesis. You can’t change it to your liking … in short, you have to think about it a little while before and once you’re done you won’t be able to go back. You can create significant bureaucratic problems if you change the title.

We hope this post was useful to you!